Impulse C

Impulse CoDeveloper

Impulse CoDeveloper is for software application developers and FPGA designers seeking a faster path to FPGA hardware. CoDeveloper is ideally suited to image and video processing, digital signal processing, data compression/encryption, and hardware-accelerated computing. The Impulse C compiler is a high-level synthesis tool that is based on standard ANSI C. The Impulse tools enable highly iterative, software-oriented design methods and are compatible with a wide variety of FPGA-based platforms.

Use standard C tools and programming methods to accelerate your embedded, workstation and server applications.

Impulse Flow Diagram

Profile and partition between the processor and the FPGA accelerator. Use multiple parallel processes for increased performance.

Verify and debug using familiar C-language development tools. Use the Impulse Application Monitor to analyze parallel dataflow.

Compile and optimize using interactive, graphical tools. Automatically parallelize and pipeline your critical C code.

Automatically generate FPGA hardware ready for use with your selected FPGA-based platform.

Automatically generate host-FPGA interfaces for selected platforms.

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