DiaTem Studio – Board Test

DiaTem Studio is a software suite aiming at testing and debugging electronic boards with the Boundary Scan technology. The suite is composed of 4 stations :

Engineering Station – Test Development

This station allows test engineers to build a test and debug project. Different modules are available to declare board characteristics, import requested files (Netlist, BSDL, binaries…) and check their conformity. Advanced debugging functions enable a first set of verifications before you carry on with your debug and project analysis.

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Industrialization Station – Test Plan

Based on the test project, the industrialization station allows manufacturing engineers to define their test sequences to be applied in a production environment.

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Production Station – Test Execution

The production station is dedicated to test operators to automatically run test plans on a production line. A supervisor mode is also available to configure the test sequences.

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Repair & Maintenance Station – Test Probe

Repair and maintenance station is used by production or field engineers to help making diagnostics on faulty boards. Based on the board project description and dedicated modules, the station will highlight the board default up to the net location.

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Temento Systems has for long worked jointly with test companies to provide flexible combinations of available test solutions : Boundary scan, Flying probe, ICT or functional tests. It’s a great improvement to useDiatem communication interfaces to associate Boundary scan benefits to your ICT Test Methodology.

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