HOPERF is one of the most successful designers and manufacturers in digital sensor, RF modules, RF discrete devices and related application solutions. It also own a team of experienced RF engineers to meet customer’s technical support.




 RF Components

Hope has the fully series of RF semiconductor devices, provide the perfect solutions about RF. We mainly Supply low power low noise high frequency RF transistors, saw filter/resonator, Biolar transistors, Zener diodes, diodes, digital transistors, silicon controlled rectifier(SCR), etc


 RF Modules

HOPE Microelectronics supply wireless modules for wireless communication, wireless data transfer and remote control system,it allows engineers to quickly and cost-effectively add wireless capabilities to virtually any product.


Digital Sensor

Hope Microelectronics provide the pressure Sensor Dice and modules, The pressure range offered is from 100mbar (10KPa) up to 35bars (3500 KPa), it mainly used for embedded applications.


Distributor Products

HOPERF provides a complete range of wireless application modules (GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G) of hardware and software solution, and provides all the necessary tools needed to accelerate customer development and finished program.