Edaway expands EDA offering in Italy with Magillem products portfolio

Milan, 19 April 2012 – EDAWAY, a leading EDA distributor in Italy today announced that it has expanded its EDA products offering with Magillem products. Magillem offers a scalable, easy to use, state of the art platform solution to cover design flow challenges in a context where complexity, interoperability and IP re-use are becoming critical issues to manage design cycle time of complex systems.

Main benefits include:

  • Maximizing Design and IP Re-use
  • Using a virtual platform to configure their system and IPs
  • Controlling the Design Flow
  • Exploring their Design Flow architecture and optimizing it
  • Improving their independence from CAD tools vendors
  • Improving interoperability, communication
  • Benefiting from better user interfaces to raise productivity
  • Relying on worldwide adopted standards