Actel RTAX and RTSX Prototyping



Prototyping in a FLASH!
Aldec® and Microsemi have joined together, offering a new, innovative, reprogrammable prototyping solution for Microsemi RTAX-S/SL, RTAX-DSP and RTSX-SU space-fight system designs. Unlike the traditional OTP (One Time Programmable) anti-fuse space-qualified FPGAs, the Aldec prototype adaptor uses flash-based, Microsemi ProASIC®3E FPGA technology, for design prototype re-programmability. In addition, a GUI based EDIF Netlist Converter is offered for automatic pin re-mapping from anti-fuse to flash based architecture.

Top Features

  • Allows cost effective Microsemi RTAX-S/SL, AX and RTSX-SU/SX-A prototyping
  • Flash based re-programmability
  • Footprint compatible with RTAX-S/SL and AX CQ208, CQ256, CQ352 (Commercial and Industrial), CG624 (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Footprint compatible with RTSX-SU/SX-A CQ208, CQ256
  • Support for RTAX4000S-CQ352
  • Automatic device EDIF netlist conversion
  • Automatic memory conversion
  • Automatic Physical Design Constraint (PDC) file conversion

The RTAX EDIF Netlist Converter performs automatic conversion of the RTAX-S/SL EDIF netlist to a ProASIC3E netlist, which means replacement of the primitives has to be done, with consideration of the limitations (differences between RTAX-S/SL anti-fuse and ProASIC3/E flash-based technologies). A pin remapping utility allows automatic Physical Design Constraint (PDC) file conversion which eliminates the need for additional and time consuming manual work.

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