DO-254 CTS

DO-254 CTS

DO-254 FPGA Level In-Target Testing
DO-254/CTS™ is a certifiable at-speed FPGA level in-hardware verification environment dedicated to address the stringent guidelines of DO-254 Section 6 Verification Process. It provides a feasible solution such that FPGA level requirements are easily preserved and verified from RTL simulation to hardware testing. DO-254/CTS consists of a fully customized hardware and software package designed to replay RTL simulation during in-hardware verification by reusing the simulation testbenches as test vectors. It provides a single and automated environment to test all FPGA level requirements with full visibility and controllability at the FPGA pin level. The components of DO-254/CTS and their primary tasks are:

Custom Daughter Board

  • Customized to target FPGA and DUT
  • Contains target FPGA and DUT
  • Isolates FPGA for functional test

COTS Mother Board

  • Sends test vectors into daughter board and captures the results from daughter board
  • PCIe interface to PC
  • 2GB DDRII (Expandable)

Compliance Software Package

  • Automatic generation of test vectors from simulation testbenches
  • Controls in-hardware verification
  • Samples FPGA I/Os and writes to waveform file

Top Features

  • At-speed testing in target devices
  • For use with Altera®, Lattice®, Microsemi® and Xilinx® devices
  • Automatic test vector generation
  • Single environment to verify all FPGA level requirements
  • FPGA I/Os full visibility/controllability
  • Automated in-hardware testing
  • Hardware testing results visualization with waveform viewer
  • Integration with 3rd Party RTL Simulator, Synthesis and P&R Tools
  • DO-254 Compliance