Ansys Webinar (LDRA)

Leveraging Model Driven Software Development and Automated Software Verification to Deliver Next Generation Avionics Systems

Commercial and military avionics manufacturers are facing dramatic market changes. Challenges include expanding cybersecurity threats, advances in sustainability and autonomy, and the rise of new markets such as advanced air mobility. This increasing demand is an extension of a trend which has seen both the amount and complexity of avionics software nearly double every four years for the past five decades. As avionics companies look to new markets and opportunities, the bulk of enabling capabilities will come from more – and more sophisticated – software.

The move to an integrated suite of automated software development and verification tools can result in dramatic improvements. This can be especially important for remote and geographically dispersed teams who need to aggregate information over the course of development and testing or rework, during which manual processes or disparate tools can introduce inefficiencies and potential for error.

Model driven development supports analysis and simulation of avionics software very early in the software development process. As the model is developed, code generated from the model can be automatically analyzed and tested – initially on the host, and then on the target when one is available. By applying model driven development and automated software testing and verification, developers can effectively ‘shift left’ to reduce the time, cost, and risk of software development, while ensuring their resulting software is compliant with safety and security requirements.

This webinar will present how Ansys and LDRA are partnering to provide an integrated model driven development and automated software verification solution, including host and target-based analysis and testing, that can help reduce costs, speed up time to certification, and bring next generation avionics systems to market faster.

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