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Edaway provides hardware and software consulting services, that focus on the design and development of a physical product or of software application, including support for V&V activities and for certification aspects.

Edaway Consulting

Edaway provides turned-key consulting packages for its customers, based on the use of the design&verification tools that Edaway distributes.


Edaway has signed a cooperative agreement with Minsdway srl, for providing design services to its customers, in Europe and outside Europe.

Mindway Design

A skilled hardware and software design&consulting firm, covering development and verification of equipment, in aerospace, automotive, defence, industrial, medical and railways markets.


Edaway provides Level 1 technical support to the distributed tools, and the technical interface with the supplier for Level2 and Level3 support.

Technical Support

All the customers, that have signed and maintained the “Maintenance Contract” with Edaway, will receive technical support from dedicated FAE.